TV Notes
by Pablo A. Tariman

The rescue scenes in the new teleserye, “My Super D” are familiar and the bumbling super-hero-to-be played by Dominic Ochoa looks like a character from an early edition of an American superhero.

Dominic Ochoa and Marco Masa in "My Super D." Welcome treat before TV Patrol.

Dominic Ochoa and Marco Masa in “My Super D.” Welcome treat before TV Patrol.

But its creators ( Roldeo T. Endrinal and Julie Anne R. Benitez) managed to weave a story that is very Filipino and indeed nothing beats a story about the struggles of the Filipino family with villains threatening to disturb their peaceful existence.

But the villains in “My Super D” look pretty much like the same villains being hunted by Coco Martin in “FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano” and the appearance of Ronaldo Valdez as the eternal devil advocate recalls the entrance of Eddie Garcia in the same teleserye.

But for what it is, “My Super D” is a most welcome TV treat before TV Patrol. That is the time when kids just came from school and that is just the kind of break they need before they attend to their school assignments. The time slot used to be lorded over by a teleserye where hunks and vixens passionately turn to each other every moment of the day. That is the time ene promptly turns off the TV or I tell my grandson to go to his room pronto and do his assignments.

The teleserye opens with a pregnant Sylvia Sanchez and a concerned husband, Ronnie Lazaro, on their way to a hospital. But they are sidetracked by hoodlums in a noonday caper and indeed it is quite a sight seeing preggy wife cheering his husband who became a knight in shining armor in that scene.

Nonie Buencamino and Sylvia Sanchez. The seasoned stage actor made something magical out of the non-action role.

Nonie Buencamino and Sylvia Sanchez. The seasoned stage actor made something magical out of the non-action role.

The first super D in the person of Richard Yap makes a quick rescue job but before he can make more heroic exploits, he is finished by Lara Quigaman who takes an order from someone powerful who held her mother hostage. The Blue Gem she is able to get from underneath his admirer’s chest and kaput goes the first super D.

Meanwhile, the young Dodong gets to meet the author (Nonie Buencamino) and writer of the children’s show (and later turned into bestselling comics). As the superhero fan evolves into a family man himself, he finds himself challenged to become another superhero.

The advance episodes of “My Super D” previewed Friday night reveal another action-filled entertainment fare for TV viewers.

The young actor (Marc Santiago) who played the young Dodong is a highly promising performer and it is mostly likely that he will be missed after the entrance of Marco Masa (Nathaniel).

Nonie Buencamino as the comics author Pablo Mateo wove a fascinating character in this teleserye and it is equally fascinating how a seasoned stage and film actor can make something magical out of a non-action role. There is a bit of the sorcerer in his eyes, there is a bit of the brooding author in his eyes and as he looked over the countenance of a potential character (Ochoa) on whom he could entrust power, Buencamino makes it all convincing that this super D will be nothing without him.

The new teleserye showcases fairly good performances from Bianca Manalo, Simon Ibarra, Bong Regala, Marina Benipayo, Sylvia Sanchez, Jason Francisco, Jayson Gainza, Atoy Co and Bong Regala, among others.

But the character that gave everyone a good time was the ego-filled character of Tony (Dodong’s rival) played with playful alacrity by Marvin Agustin. This character has the swagger and the charm of a magician and indeed his evil schemes looked more funny than threatening. He is one actor you want to cheer when credulity begins to strain you.

Pablo Tariman with Ronnie Lazaro in their usual pastime after teleserye projects.

Pablo Tariman with Ronnie Lazaro in their usual pastime after teleserye projects.

To be sure, there is a lot of pressure here on Ochoa’s shoulder to make something of the part. As it is, Ochoa is highly convincing as the normal Dad trying to parry the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Will he be just as convincing as his other self – the mighty super “D”?

As a seasoned TV soap opera watcher is wont to say, “Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.”

(“My Super D” — produced by ABS CBN’s Dreamscape Entertainment Television — airs weeknights starting April 18 before TV Patrol on ABS-CBN (SD) and ABS-CBN (HD) (SkyCable 167). Catch up via iWant TV and for Sky subscribers.)

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