Film Notes
by Pablo A. Tariman

Meeting the cast of “My Little Bossing” is like getting a whiff of the past and the present of Philippine showbiz landscape.

You wonder where they all get that energy as Alonzo Muchlach (born 2011) and Ryzza Mae Dizon (born 2005) take to the floor and dance their hearts out to a crowd of cheering media people.

Presscon for "My Big Bossing." Geared for three generations of moviegoers.

Presscon for “My Big Bossing.” Geared for three generations of moviegoers.

Ryzza has a daily noontime show and you’d think she is all wasted when this evening presscon happens. But she is up and about, sounding every inch like an adult as she recalls the transitions in her life. Coming from modest origins, Ryzza now has a house she can call her own, she has a new SUV and to top it all, she attends special classes at International School. The family is also into business among them an internet café. Ryzza wants to own a grocery named after her. Would she run it herself? “I can’t po,” she demurely answers. I am too busy for that.”

With the young Alvaro is his famous father, the former award-winning child star Nino Muchlach (born 1971) who admits young kids today learn very fast and admittedly ahead of his generation.

“They have the best of everything I did not enjoy,” Nino says. “Now they have easy access to the modern gadgets from cellphone to iPods to tablets for games and settled in air-conditioned cottages in between takes.”

Nino says Ryzza has a heart of gold as he noticed she was very supportive of Alvaro all throughout the filming of “My Big Bossing.”

“With her status now, Ryzza can afford not to bother with her younger co-stars,” he adds. “But she is determined to help others as well. That speaks a lot about her.”

Ruby Rodriguez with Ryzza Mae and Pablo Tariman during presscon at Annabel's. Ruby has special discernment for Ryzza Mae when she first saw her in Little Miss Philippines contest many years back.

Ruby Rodriguez with Ryzza Mae and Pablo Tariman during presscon at Annabel’s. Ruby has special discernment for Ryzza Mae when she first saw her in Little Miss Philippines contest many years back.

Ryzza Mae ribs Alvaro by saying she discovered he had a crush on her and the poor kid answers with “Basta friendship lang ha walang marriage” to the mild shock of the crowd.

“I am just kidding po,” says Ryzza. “He is just my leading man.”

Co-star Ruby Rodriguez says the first time she saw Ryzza Mae in the Little Miss Philippines contest many years back, she knew the kid had that x-factor. “Everyone in the jury didn’t vote for her but I have that special discernment she has something to offer. So I fought for her and pleaded that they give her a chance. I was proven right of course and now the rest is history. I did not hear from the winners many years after.”

Watching them are comedy boss Vic Sotto (born 1954) and co-star Pauleen Luna (born 1988) who is reportedly the former’s true-to-life girl friend.

Many years back, Pauleen was also contestant in that Little Miss Philippines tilt and she has grown so fast to acquire the title of one of the sexiest cover persons by some men’s magazine. “I like facing every challenge that goes with a role,” she says. “It takes two hours to have my prosthetics done and I gamely go with the flow. I like doing more mature roles now.”

Poster of "My Big Bossing." Vic Sotto is aiming for the top but predicting outcome is not his cup of tea.

Poster of “My Big Bossing.” Vic Sotto is aiming for the top but predicting outcome is not his cup of tea.

Like it or not, Vic represents the earlier generation in this film and she doesn’t mind admitting he has become a SCCCM (Senior Citizen Card-Carrying Member) conscious of 20 per cent discount in air tickets and restaurants.

He said he maintained his position as one of the most bankable comedians by just being himself and by always trying to be of help to others.

Told that he doesn’t look every inch a senior citizen, Vic says he doesn’t mind being mistaken for a 40-year old bachelor (to which Pauleen Luna reacts by pinching his arms). “The secret is not by going to dermatologists but by having a good and healthy attitude towards life,” he rues. “Problems come and go and the least you can do is by trying to confront them head-on and doing something positive. Going through depressing stages hastens aging and I don’t want to go through that. Like anybody else, I have my own share of fears and worrying. But I take them one at a time by simply facing them for what they are – as simple reminders we can’t everything in this life.”

Looking at his younger co-stars from Pauleen to Ryzza Mae and Alvaro, Vic says his latest film is geared for three generations of moviegoers from the very young to the very old and people in between. “This is not an easy film to do but the directors ( Joyce Bernal, Tony Reyes and Marlon Rivera) and scriptwriters did their homework and made sure the film has everything for everyone.”

Asked to comment on the box office race in this year’s MIFF, Vic says it’s not in his character to predict he’d get the number one slot. “Of course we did our best to come up with what the audiences want. After wrapping up the film, we leave it to the audience to judge. I don’t like bragging my film will be number one. I leave it to the moviegoers to decide that. After all, everything in showbiz is so unpredictable. You hope for the best but you also prepare for the worst outcome. So far, showbiz had been good to me. I cannot ask for more and ask for it in public. That would be the height of ego-tripping which is not my cup of tea.”

“My Big Bossing” with three separate episodes starring Ryzza Mae Dizon, Marian Rivera, Nikki Gil, Pauleen Luna and Manilyn Reynes, among others is directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, Tony Reyes and Marlon J. Rivera. It opens on Christmas Day.

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